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Saturday, September 18, 2010

How many brother's and sister do I have.

Today at the rs retreat we made a journal jar, there are different things to write about like "tell about your brother's and sister's and a story about each one. Well that is the one I picked out. It's fun, so I am going to start. I have two brother's and three sister's. Karen 38, David 35, Me 33, Amie 30, Joe, 27, Lisa 22.
I don't know which stories to tell with each one, because I have so many to tell.
I will Start with the Oldest Karen: I remember that we were in California on a trip to Disneyland for the first time I was eight years old and I think Karen was either 13, or 14. We were getting ready to go somewhere, and often if we went on a trip, my mom would buy us each an outfit. I remember that particular day Karen took forever in the hotel bathroom, putting her makeup on and doing her hair just right. I remember the outfit that she was wearing. It was a white t-shirt with a picture of a seagull and a beach and then turqoise blue shorts. She finally finished and I think we were going to get into the astro van and as we were about to load up a Segull flew by and all of the sudden you hear. "AHHHHH". we had all turned around to see what the problem was and my sister Karen was looking down at her outfit and there was a white blob on her shirt. A segull had flown over and pooped right on her. She was disgusted and had to go change her shirt. I guess you had to be there, but we were all laughing so hard. That is the first story that popped into my head about my sister. :) David: mmmmmmm which one do I pick. just sec I have to think about that one......okay I have one. My brother loved to watch WWF wrestling and of course he thought it was real wrestling, well all he had at the time before my brother joe came, it was just us girls Karen, me and Amie. We had a trampoline in our backyard and we would be jumping on the tramp minding our own buisness and then my brother dave would sneak up on us and try out the moves on us that he learned on the wrestling show. Sometimes it was okay, but other times we would yell for mom to come out and intervene so we wouldn't get hurt. I think that we were relieved when my brother Jonathan was born. My brother Loved to pick on us and tease us to the point where we would either yell for mom or tell him to stop. He doesn't do that anymore. :) to be continued. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

whitney's word's and signs.

Okay I have to hurry because I am way past my bedtime, but I just wanted to write down the words and signs that whitney can say and sign.

She can say:
Where did it go?
There it is.
Who's that?
what's that?
I know
All Done
Grandpa- but it's pampa
coke-thx to karen :)
If you ask her she can point to her ears, eyes, noes, Knees, toes, head and shoulder's.
She can say the animal sounds Moo, Neigh, quack, rrrrrahhh(for bear, tiger, lion.)
baaa, bark, meow
Come here, but it's like more like Mere.

She can sign.
All done

Well that's all for now that i can think of, I love it that she can talk and sign :) she is on her way to being billingual. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


It's been a long summer and I am so behind on updating our summer! This summer in June our ward went on the Pioneer Trek in Wyoming. There were lot's of events that lead up to going. We had wonderful Firesides and Great Dinners. I really wanted Travis to go, but he wasn't so Keen about going, but I felt that we needed to do this as a family. Our ward went on June 9, 10, 11th. Travis had a load so we had to go up a little later than everyone else. I was so excited to get there and bond with our ward. We didn't get there until Thursday Evening. I didn't know where our ward was camping so we ended up touring the sites at the visitor center. It was neat to see Travis's Great, Great, Great Grandparents names on the wall. James Barnett Cole and Lucy Ward. I couldn't believe when they showed us what 17 lbs was. That is all they could take with them for each family member. It was basically a change of clothes, a few books, a blanket, utensils and a pair of Shoes. We finished with the tour and asked where our ward was camping. We found our ward, but it started to storm! There was a microburst and families in our ward were Literally trying to keep their Tents from blowing away. I went to go look for our tent that we were going to borrow. I got stuck in the Microburst and the rain felt like Pins and Needles. All I could think about was "how in the world did the Pioneers do it and it was in the middle of Winter!! They couldn't get in their cars and get warm. The storm was over in about 30 minutes and the clouds parted and the sun started to come out. I guess when we found our tent they were mopping it out. I guess their was a inch of rain in the bottom of our tent. We unloaded our things and set up our tent. It was getting dark and it started to get cold. I put Whitney's p.j's on her and we settled dwon for the night. I was bundled up and hunkered down for the night. We are pretty Lucky because we were able to bundle up, the Pioneers didn't have that. Some of them slept under their tents, because they had no blankets and used their tents as blankets, but their hair would get frozen to the ground and sometimes they would have to cut off their hair so they could get up and keep going. I actually got hot during the night, but I don't think that Trav slept very well because he was worried about Whitney being cold. Her face was ice cold, but for some reason the cold doesn't seem to bother kids, The next morning I woke up about 5:30 a.m. That day we were going to hike to the Sweetwater River. I forgot to Mention that I was six months pregnant, so the doctor told me that I could only hike two miles and that was it! We missed out on hiking to Martin's Cove so I was really excited about hiking to the Sweetwater River! When we got there, we all got our handcarts and got into our groups that we were assigned to. We were in the Howarth's group. We filled up our water bottles and got our carts ready to go. The missionaires briefed us and then told us that the River had flooded over and that it was really muddy and that some places that the mud would be up to our Knees. The weather was cool, it wasn't hot at all and we started off! I did really good up until one of the little streams that we needed to cross. Ladies were jumping over the streams. Brother Boulton was carrying ladies over and he did a great job. and then I was worried about falling in and he came over and said that he would give me a ride over the stream! he started to jump over and then he landed in the water and he got wet! I felt so bad that he was wet, but he never complained, he just smiled and kept going on! :) We got to the sweetwater river and it looked deep! People started crossing over and they weren't kidding when they said it was deep! There was no way of getting around it, we had to cross. I can't remember who helped me across, but when I stepped into the Sweetwater River I started to feel for the Pioneers. After I got out of the water. I felt the Spirit so strong that I couldn't contain my emotions anymore. There was a Missionary standing by me and said, "Are you alright." I started to cry and told her that this place was very spiritual and I could tell that the Pioneers REALLY had been there! I could feel there spirit Strongly. They weren't kidding when they said that the Pioneers were able to Linger there, because it's true!!! I didn't actually see anyone, but I DID feel the presence of someone beside me! Even typing this right now the spirit is REALLY STRONG! After everyone was out of the river, they re-enacted the rescue. Of the three boys who gave up their lives so that some of them could stay dry. Before they re-enacted babies were crying and kids were laughing, but when they started the re-enactment. YOU COULD HEAR A PIN DROP. It was so quiet. A Gentleman began singing a song and soon you could hear a number of people crying. Including me! The spirit was so strong!! After they were done a missionary said how cold it was when they went through the sweetwater river and said that the women's skirts didn't dry for two weeks! I found out later that their skirts were made out of wool. No wonder they didn't dry!
We Walked a little longer and then we stopped for Lunch. I was so hungry that a Turkey sandwhich tasted great to me. After Lunch it was going to be the Women's pull. That meant that the women were going to pull the carts up the hill by themselves. This represented when the Men either had to go off to war, or they got called on Mission's or they died from exposure from the cold. Travis was so sweet and was worried about me continuing to go on and so Sister Sorensen said that they would Rover me up the Mountain for the Women's Pull. They rovered me up to the top of the Mountain. Bishop wood had all of the men hike to the top of the mountain and the Lined up on Both sides to make a path. Then Bishop had each guy say something good about their wives. I was waiting for Travis's turn. I was a little worried about what he said, but he said. " I love her Determination." :) I am glad that he said it. Anyway...after all the Bretheren got done it was time for the Girls to pull their handcarts up the Mountain. Bishop Wood asked all the Bretheren to be silent and show respect as the sister's went up. Again as the sister's began up the Mountain it was silent and no babies cried, and the after the sister's got up the Mountain, some of the Men began to cry! Again it was so spiritual to see all of the women work together and help each other out to pull the carts. I imagine that the Pioneer sisters did the same. That song comes to Mind. "As sisters in Zion we all pull together." Because that is what our ward did. I didn't take any pictures but I have this all on my video camera. It was so AWESOME to see everyone helping out everyone else. As soon as some of the sister's got to the top of the Mountain, they would go back down and help the other sister's up the hill. How touching that was for me. As all of the sister's got up the Hill the boys started to sing. "Come Come ye saints and that is when I lost it! I can't describe the feelings that came over me. Again the Spirit was so strong! After everyone got up to the top of the Mountain, Men were crying and so were the women and you would see husband and wives hug each other and tell each other how much they loved and admired what they did for them. This is a side note and is kinda off the subject.
I am so grateful to my sweet Husband Travis for EVERYTHING he does for me and Whitney. He has always given me the best! Made sure that I was taken care of and some of you don't know this, but he saved my life at one point when I was deep into depression and took care of me and got the help that I needed, even when people told him not to get me the help I needed. Travis is a wonderful Dad to our sweet little girl Whitney! She just adores him! When he comes home from the road, she wants Daddy and not me! Travis is the most compassionate person that you would ever meet and has a HUGE heart! He has sacrificed so much for me and is a very hard worker! He never gives up and he is my rock and I am so glad that I met and married this wonderful man! He is my best friend and I love him so much and my love grows for him each day, even when things are hard! :) Thanks to him for a great eight years of marriage!
I can imagine that the pioneer women did the same thing and pulled together for each other and probably helped some of the sister's survive that awful time.
It was time to head back to camp, but because I was sixth months pregnant, I couldn't hike back and so they took me back in the rover to the start of the Trek. I had Whitney with me and she was so tired and it was beginning to storm again. I went into the visitor center and they had a movie and asked if I would like to watch it. I was still soaked from crossing the river, but Whitney was dry except for her diaper and Travis had the keys to the car..... (to be continued) :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Memorial Day/ My Birthday

I love this picture of Whitney. Memorial Day this year fell on My Birthday. Travis was in town and so we decided to have the traditional Memorial Day BBQ at out house. During the day it didn't feel like it was my birthday, it just felt like a typical day. Cleaning the house and cooking. I love to clean......NOT! Anyway we invited everyone down to our house in Santaquin. Travis invited his brother and his wife and family to come down. We had a great turn-out and it was perfect weather too! I had a blast just hanging out with everyone, we missed Karen and Deric, but I understood. :) I didn't want anyone to leave and I was sad to see everyone leave. It was fun and we had great food. Thanks to everyone that made my Birthday Great! Thanks Travis for the awesome party!!!! and the cool Iron. I love it.

Easter Sunday

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What it's been three months?

Oh my heavens!!!! It has been three months since I last updated my blog, can you say SLACKER!! I guess it has been really busy and work and I am just lazy to type. Typing is a lot easier than writing, your hand doesn't get as tired and I can type faster than I can write, so why have I been procrastinating so long? Because I am just plain LAZY!! I was really tired all the time at the End of the day. I guess I will update you on all of the Exciting News! January 19, 2010 found out that we are expecting our second child, This was NOT planned. I was so in shock!!! I was kind of upset, because I just lost all of the pregnancy weight and the first thing that went acrossed my mind is I have to GAIN WEIGHT AGAIN!!! I was not excited, I struggle with the weight issue for a long time now, I know every girl does, but I am really concious about how I look etc... Anyway I called Travis and told him I was pregnant and he was so excited!!! He asked me how I felt about it and I said nothing, I wasn't ready to be a mom again and to two children, it's hard enough as it is with Travis working and gone all of the time. I keep asking myself how in the world am I going to handle two when Trav is gone, I hope I don't get post partum depression like last time, it was not fun!!! Anyway the other thought that went through my head is I need to find a different o.b. My last experience with birth was not good and Whitney ended up in the NICU and that was hell in itself, I won't get into that now, but I new that I needed to get a different doctor. I started asking around and found Dr. Nance in Springville. I am used to going to a female doctor, so I was a little nervous, but my first visit he was so kind and gentle and I felt like I was really importnant to him and that we was very concerned about that I had two miscarriages, so I got a early ultrasound and there it was a little heartbeat, beating so fast and the baby was the size of a bean, but I could tell it was going to be a baby. To make a long story short, May 12, 2010 we found out that we are going to have another girl, I got over my self pity and moved on and now I am so excited that we are going to have another girl!!!! The Ultrasound was awesome and Travis couldn't be there, but I brought my sister Karen with me, and I am glad that I did, because what happened if something was wrong and I was by myself? But everything turned out great! She is Healthy as far as we know and she is Due October 2, 2010, but they are going to Keep it September 29, 2010, because he doesn't want me to go over at all! Which is fine with me. :) I will continue our update soon, but now I need to go to bed, because I am tired! :) I will try better to update and continuing to update on my life, but for now goodnight.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New's Eve Party 2009

Well I thought that I was caught up on my blog, but I'm not. So I think after this I will be caught up for 2009.

My sister Karen is one that got all of the Brother's and Sister's together, and she hosted a New Year's Eve party at her house. Everyone was to bring a treat to share and we were going to hang out and play games and the Wii (which I lOVE to play) Anyway I think the hit of the night was the Game called "What's Yours Like." If you have never played this game it is a blast and it get really funny!! So the game goes like this, One person in the group thinks of a word like "house" and then they write it down and pass it around and everyone sees the word except for the person who has to guess the word. So the Person that guesses that guesses the word asks each person this question: "What's Yours Like?" and the person that is asking that word is trying to guess the word house, but the other person can't say what the word is. So when they ask you the question '"What's Your Like?" then you can answer like this. ''Mine is big and White." they go around and each person in the group what's yours like and they ask that until they get the word right. Well our game was getting pretty funny and it was fun, then it was Deric's turn to pick the word. So he wrote it down and passed it to everyone except for I think it was Bryce who was guessing the word. Anyway They asked each person the question. See if you can guess the word This is what some of us said: "It is Big and White.", "I got it for Christmas." Then the classic was when they got to Travis and he said the Quote of the year!!!! "He said, "Well I was playing with it about a month ago and it almost caust me my Marriage?" Everyone started laughing because they Knew what he was talking about, but it sounded so dang funny! If you don't know the word yet, It was the word Wii Control . I guess you would of had to be in Arizona at thanksgiving to get it. I know some of you that are reading this are utterly confused, but I am going to explain it. :) At thanksgiving time, all of us went to my brother's House in Arizona and one night my brothers and my brother-in-laws were playing the new mario brothers game on the wii, so it was Deric, Dave, Travis and Bryce, if you know all of these guys you know that they have all VERY DIFFERENT personalities. Anyway.... they had four players and four wii remotes and I walked in and saw that that my brother dave was getting a little frustrated because he kept dying in the game and that when he asked everyone to follow him or get him out of the bubble then some of them would help and some of them won't then I saw the Yellow guy trailing a long and not doing so well. I asked who it was and my husband Travis piped up and said that it was him and that I was going to "divorce" him, because he wasn't doing well at the game. HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. So anyway that is why he said that awesome quote at the party. I guess if you weren't there, I guess it is one of those situations that you have to be there to be able to get it, but if you are my family reading this and you were there, then you know what I am talking about :P I don't think that I will ever forget that party, it was really fun hanging out with my family and I love it when we get together and have fun and there is no DRAMA! :) Anyway the next Day was NewYears Day and we all went out to Good Wood BBQ for dinner and had a lot fun there too! Thanks Karen for a GREAT PARTY. I will never forget it!!!!

P.S. And there was A LOT of GREAT food!!!